tortillas, tamales,La Mesa Tortillas - Tucson, Arizona - Tortillas

... $2.25 - perfect for fajitas and after school snacks
Medium...$3.25 - ideal for quesadillas and breakfast burritos
Large... $4.25 - perfect for chimichangas and pizza size cheese crisps
Whole Wheat... $3.25 - Medium - made fresh
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Jalapeno... $3.50-Medium - a spicy flavor that bites you back... made fresh Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Corn... $1.75
Taco corn...thin tortillas best for frying your own tacos or chips
Mesa or Table corn...perfect for enchiladas and casseroles
De Birria or Small....just right for soft tacos or "street tacos"


Tostada Shells
... $2.50 - pre fried corn tortillas perfectly crispy and ready to be layered with your favorite toppings

Taco Shells... $2.50 - shaped and ready to fill with all your favorite ingredients
Tortilla Strips... $2.50 - perfect for soups or salads

                             Tortilla Chips
... $2.80 - salsa ready

*all prices subject to change 
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