Lunch Available All Three Locations
 11:00 am to 3:00
pm, Mon-Fri
11:00 to 2:00 Sat

Red Chili Beef....     $5.50 - shredded beef with spicy red chili

Green Chili Beef....$5.50- shredded beef with green chiles, onions, and tomatoes,

Bean....                      $4.25 - made with canola oil and monterey jack cheese

Regular (just cheese)... $3.50 - monterey jack cheese between two medium tortillas and deliciously toasted
Jalapeno...                 $3.75 - made with our jalapeno tortilla
Chicken...                   $4.75 - cheese, bite size chicken breast, tomatoes, green chiles, onions,
 a La Mesa favorite ( also available with green chili beef or red chili beef)

Tamale A la Carte... $3.00 - choice of green corn or red beef tamale

Combos (served with rice, beans, salsa & 2 fresh warm tortillas)
add sour cream $0.50 or extra salsa $0.25
Red Chili Beef...              $6.85
Green Chili Beef...        $6.85
Soft Chicken Taco...    $6.85
Quesadilla (regular )...    $6.85
Jalapeno Quesadilla...$6.85

     Add Chicken Or Beef.....$1.00 extra

La Mesa's Nachos....$6.85

crunchy corn base, layered with our delicious beans, your choice of red chili beef, green chili beef, or green chili chicken, and topped with shredded cheese

Tamale Combo...        $6.85
choice of green corn or red beef tamale
    additional tamale....$1.25
(when added to a tamale combo only)

                Add sour cream $.50  cheese $.50 extra salsa $.25 for any item above

(RC, Diet RC, 7-Up, Rootbeer, Dr.Pepper, Sunkist)
Small... $1.25

Medium... $1.50

Large... $1.75          Bottled water... $1.00        Mexican Drinks....$2.25

* all prices subject to change

Now accepting EBT (Broadway and Pima) and Credit Cards